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No way to verify .. It has as much…

No way to verify .. It has as much...

No way to verify .. It has as much, if not more, credibility as our intelligence community does .. For entertainment value only ..

For what it’s worth, I was on 4chan throughout the election, and I do remember this “rick wilson the thing” timeline develop ..

This info has been around for a year and didn’t leak out earlier because everyone in media knew it was false (libel, slander, etc.) .. All of a sudden right after Trump blows off the intelligence community, Buzzfeed gets it and leaks it with a yuuge disclaimer attached to it .. This is what retribution looks like ..

No way to verify ..

“why didn’t anyone release this info during campaign? The report states dem and republican strategists saw this info. @TheRickWilson”

“We tried. God knows, we tried.”


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