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COVID-19 Deaths / 1M population: US vs. Europe, Trump…

COVID-19 Deaths / 1M population: US vs. Europe, Trump...

COVID-19 Deaths / 1M population: US vs. Europe, Trump vs. Democrats vs. Republicans.

I first ran this data series in August prior to the election to address accusations of “Trump killed Americans” and “Biden would have saved them all with a European approach”. Well, since then Europe has been struggling to contain their cases, but that’s beside the point. With the Trump presidency ending tomorrow, I thought I’d run an update to see where we stand.

As was the case last time, the US average deaths per million continue to be in the ballpark of the EU average deaths per million (1241 vs. 1071).

While the New England liberal states are still leading the pack, the slope has flattened out, so Cuomo and DeBlasio can breathe a little more easily, pun intended. Several conservative states have joined the top in deaths per million, so the death count is a bipartisan effort.

Putting aside that some suggest Germany uses different reporting metrics, suffice it to say, this is less about Trump performing poorly, as the US average is lower than many European nations, including the UK, and more about Germany performing well.

Would Biden have performed as well as Germany has, as opposed to, let’s say, the UK? Lol, as Biden would say, “come on, man”.

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