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If you do not honor the bill of rights…

If you do not honor the bill of rights and inalienable rights then get the fuck off my Facebook page as this is no longer a free speech zone for you.

Jeffrey A. Tucker

Trump’s biggest enemies keep inadvertently serving as his best PR agents, and this raid on his lawyer’s office is another example. As best anyone can tell, it is a tricky move by the special prosecutor forcibly to gain access to confidential information. Suddenly and unexpectedly, law enforcement has full access to everything.

That something like this could happen to you seems like a nightmare. You pay an attorney to protect you from the law. You have attorney/client privilege. Everything is in confidence, someone you can trust when you are surrounded by enemies. Then one day the feds show up and take everything to go on a fishing expedition to find anything you did wrong. It seems like something out of a backwoods authoritarian regime.

My sympathies for Trump personally are next to zero. But what has happened here is not consistent with anything like the rule of law. You could say that he deserves it because he cares nothing for the rule of law either. But actually, it is not lost on anyone watching this come down that what could happen to Trump could happen to you and me too. There are truly no limits. All law enforcement needs is a magic slip called a warrant and suddenly the 4th amendment means absolutely nothing.


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