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“Put simply, the moral of the story is this…

"Put simply, the moral of the story is this...

“Put simply, the moral of the story is this: government is the problem. You shouldn’t put your hopes and dreams in the State, else prepare for a broken heart. It’s not about kicking the establishment bums out, and putting in new people. No, the problem is the government itself.”

“Government is something wholly separate from us, and as much we would like to think we can control this wild elephant by hopping on its back and tugging at its ears, this behemoth is much more prone to trample upon our livelihoods and liberties than ever protect us.”

Dear Trump Nation: Guard Your Heart | Joey Clark

From this neutral place as a neutral third party – with love for you and contempt for presidential ambitions – I feel obliged to advise those of you supporting Donald J. Trump.


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