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Edward Snowden, a federal fugitive hiding in Russia, exposed…

Edward Snowden, a federal fugitive hiding in Russia, exposed the NSA’s illegal data collection.

Rand Paul, forced the expiration of the Patriot act by filibustering the final attempt at extending it.

Barack Obama, who in 2011 signed the law extending the Patriot act, now takes credit for it ending.

The Senate, which in 2011 voted 72-23 to extend the Patriot Act, now claim they wouldn’t have extended it under pressure with only 3 hours left to go like they did in 2011.

Nobody wanted to be on record as the senator that killed the Patriot Act, except for Rand Paul.

Edward Snowden should be given amnesty.

I can’t wait for Obama to disappear like Bush did.

President Obama on Twitter

“Glad the Senate finally passed the USA Freedom Act. It protects civil liberties and our national security. I’ll sign it as soon as I get it.”


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