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LOL; look what I found ~~~

LOL; look what I found ~~~

August 15th, 2003 12:04 pm – Not really an update

It disappoints me what you say. “Though I came up in it, I’m not defined by it”. That which you came up in made you a god; and now what? Do you think you’ll keep that title by producing pop-synch garbage? It was an amazing success when your mentor pulled this stunt; was it his luck or his skill in that field, for he was never a great trance artist? But you, BT, you are no Oakenfold, for your strengths lie where you came up. It’s true, you were a god, and communicate is the proof, but it is your skills that told me to call you by that title, not my fandom. I don’t hear those skills anymore; all I hear is synth-pop crap.

There was Flaming June, a time when I thought the CD was scratched, and yet found out it was purposely made to sound so ‘different’. It was such a unique thing you did; removing the bass from the bass and inverting the sound. And of course your success came from Jan Johnston, who is the only reason Communicate works, and Remember; but should I praise Jan over you Brian? Don’t get me wrong, you’ve had some successes, such as Tao of the Machine; mixing hip hop with techno was a pretty good idea, but I feel you’ve stepped further and further into the opposite direction of electronic.

Your track is now featured on KIIS FM; the worst of them all; not to mention that they got the title wrong. You’re just another pop artist now BT; not a God anymore. I would never pay for an album on which only 2 tracks are worth listening to.


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