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Apparently, I used to write in riddles; I wonder…

Apparently, I used to write in riddles; I wonder, did anyone ever understand what I wrote? ~~~

Am I getting old?
03.Fri.25.Jul – 02:06 AM
Rarely do I listen to Trance. Never do I listen to GOA. Why? Have I slowe down? Have I gone the way of Straight Cougar? It finally hit me in the heart; it truly is a recession.
Nevertheless there is always hope; Keep Hope Alive they said. The new albums may have let me down, but the old ones are still there for me.
But it is not like me to support those that support the evils. I’m sorry but It was your decision.
What hasn’t yet sold out? Aside from Massive Attack, there is Morcheeba.
But I’m not worried, the rest have always been faithful and will return to me.


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