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Cher had some wise thoughts to which I wanted…

Cher had some wise thoughts to which I wanted...

Cher had some wise thoughts to which I wanted to respond.

Yes, we the flying Trump monkeys have a single purpose, which is the destruction of the Democrat party, but also their Republican minions. That is absolutely correct. We’ve dedicated time, money, energy, and expertise to this goal, and intend to see it carried out.

No, we don’t want to take everything from the poor and inconsequential, quite the contrary, between rising asset prices and rising inflation, the wealthy are doing amazingly well under Biden, ask anyone with real estate or a 401k. That is not an accident, but by design. We want to free markets to give the poor and inconsequential the opportunity to compete with the established who have rigged everything in their favor. It is the inconsequential whom Democrats pay lip service to, who are used for votes but are then thrown aside, even threatened with job losses and denial of medical care if they don’t vaccinate. They are unfortunately products of Democrat controlled public schools and can’t see past the barriers that are fed to them by Democrats, and we are struggling to liberate their minds.

Yes, unlike the well-mannered pearl clutching Republicans, we will break every rule, because in the real world, the only real rules are those that can be enforced, and we’d only be doing what Democrats already do, break rules.

I don’t know why Catholics or Buddhists would be unsafe, Catholics make up a large part of Trump supporters, and I don’t even know why Buddhists are even mentioned. Heck, we might even liberate Tibet from China, given the opportunity, but as it stands under Biden, it looks like Taiwan is going to follow Hong Kong and fall to China.

Cher has obviously lost her mind, which is fine by me.


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