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Contrary to the opinions of some (you know who…

Contrary to the opinions of some (you know who...

Contrary to the opinions of some (you know who you are), I render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, meaning I always pay all taxes that are demanded of me by government criminals, not only because I’m not dumb enough to dance with the IRS, but also because there are so many excellent loopholes afforded to people of wealth that I really don’t need to cheat on my taxes.

I keep immaculate records.

Unfortunately, many of the middle class and the poor are often paid under the table and may not report all income in order to reach a reasonable standard of living, which I think is perfectly fine, given that taxation is theft anyway and fuck your roads, and they will be affected by the IRS poking into their bank transactions exceeding $600.

I’ve said many times, the Democrats are not your friends.


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