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Washington came up with a scheme to airlift cash…

Washington came up with a scheme to airlift cash...

Washington came up with a scheme to airlift cash into Afghanistan to help the poor, a trial run for larger air deliveries of dollars from Pakistan. I don’t trust anything coming out of Washington (or Pakistan for that matter), and this is no different.

While the need for the cash is there, I don’t trust this, and would be very wary of allowing any foreign currency to be flown in and spent directly into circulation in the local Afghan economy.

Afghan banks need dollars to be held in reserve to stabilize the local currency, the Afghani, which is losing value against the dollar. If the west is successful in spending large sums of dollars into the economy, locals will prefer it as a currency over the Afghani, which will further destabilize the Afghani, causing the country to become even more dependent on dollars, and causing a rift between businesses and the Taliban, who will attempt to enforce the Afghani in trade.

It’s financial opium with Washington as the drug dealer.

Yes, Afghanistan needs dollars, held by banks in reserve to stabilize the Afghani, not given directly to people to use in day to day trade.

Biden authorized the Treasury Department to freeze approximately $9.4 billion in Afghan reserves in August. The fact that Biden is not unfreezing these reserves to stabilize the Afghani suggests to me that these planned cash airlifts are not alms to the needy, but financial warfare to destabilize the Afghan economy.

I do not trust this, and unless the dollars go to Afghan banks to be held in reserve, it should be rejected if possible.


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