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The NY Times today published an article with the…

The NY Times today published an article with the...

The NY Times today published an article with the snazzy headline “U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Nears 700,000 Despite Wide Availability of Vaccines”.

They show states with lower vaccination rates (ignoring Washington and Oregon which have high vaccination rates) had more deaths per capita since June 16th, suggesting high vaccination rates result in low death rates (again, ignoring Washington and Oregon), so don’t be anti-science, trust the experts, and go get your vaccine.

Anyone with half a brain (which the NY Times obviously doesn’t have) will tell you correlation is not causation, and more deaths since June 16th may simply be a result of more cases, itself caused by many reasons, for instance a desire for freedom, weather and seasonality, a desire to acquire natural immunity, and so forth.

At this point, I generally avoid this topic, since the communists need to mandate everything COVID related, and would rather not waste my time doing data analysis on it, but I dug into this one looking only at numbers since June 16th, the date range set by the NYT article.

Using CDC data on case-fatality rates (deaths / cases), and vaccination rates, I came up with the following scatter plot that shows no correlation between vaccination rates and death rates.

If vaccines prevent deaths, I don’t see it in CDC numbers.

Here’s the article written by idiots.

CDC numbers for cases and deaths by state.

COVID vaccination rates gathered from CDC data.


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