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Though it would have been nice to retain the…

Though it would have been nice to retain the...

Though it would have been nice to retain the presidency, it’s worth remembering that the game was always for the Supreme Court.

Do it.

I voted for Democrats and Obama in both 2006 and 2008 despite being a Ron Paul libertarian. The predominant issue at the time for me was to close Guantanamo, end the Bush wars, and repeal the Bush security state. Get rid of the Patriot Act, and so forth. So I was naively excited when “anti-war” Obama sailed into office, and ultimately ended up with 60 Democrats (historic) in the Senate and a majority in the House.

But rather than end the wars and the security state, he expanded both. He didn’t close Guantanamo. He started more wars, helped destroy Libya and Syria. He made Hillary his secretary of state. Fine, so he’s just another warmongering politician with a nice smile, I get it.

Instead he used his impossible to stop Senate supermajority to force through Obamacare, extremely unpopular among many not in his cult, under which I lost my health insurance, despite his many lies that if I like my plan, I can keep my plan. Obamacare permanently destroyed the private insurance market with steep deductibles and premiums.

Some of my scummy liberal friends (who as I said turned out to be socialist/communist in the end after all, which makes sense since I’m actually the liberal) said people who claimed to lose their health insurance were liars, and then switched to “meh” after I showed them my cancellation letter. It’s fine, they’ve since unfriended me since Trump won. I guess they don’t wish to associate with fascists/racists who post too much banter into their news feed.

No big deal.

So now Republicans have an opportunity to finally make the fake conservative John Roberts irrelevant, and overturn not only Obamacare, but a whole array of poorly thought out leftist socialist policies. Poetic.

I won’t be satisfied until the last Democrat admits that betraying the anti-Bush anti-war vote from 2006/2008 and forcing through Obamacare with that mandate instead was a mistake. Until I hear an apology for that, make them pay.

So, now there’s an open Supreme Court seat. ?

Do it.


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