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Fauci the weasel now admits they lied about masks…

Fauci the weasel now admits they lied about masks...

Fauci the weasel now admits they lied about masks not working.

They always knew masks worked, they just didn’t want consumers competing with medical workers for mask supply. So instead of telling you that, they just outright lied and said masks don’t work.

Trust the experts. Trust CDC.

Not that it made any difference regardless since US health care providers aren’t allowed to just buy any surgical masks off Amazon or eBay. Medical masks are medical devices and must be FDA approved, so that radically limits their choices. So most of the medical masks consumers would have bought from China and industrial N95 and Chinese KN95 respirators wouldn’t have taken supply away from medical workers in any case. That’s why they were still cheaply available on Amazon and eBay despite all the “doctors need the masks!” outrage and why the administration was rushing to deregulate mask rules, but whatever.


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