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Despite claiming otherwise, if “progressive” supporters of Net Neutrality…

Despite claiming otherwise, if "progressive" supporters of Net Neutrality...

Despite claiming otherwise, if “progressive” supporters of Net Neutrality were alive during the Gilded Age, they would have supported and cheered the Robber Barons, the Industrial giants of the time, to whose services people had become accustomed and on which they had become dependent.

Hindsight is 20/20.

“The old rules pushed by the Obama administration had locked down the industry with regulation that only helped incumbent service providers and major content delivery services. They called it a triumph of “free expression and democratic principles.” It was anything but. It was actually a power grab. It created an Internet communication cartel not unlike the way the banking system works under the Federal Reserve.”

Goodbye Net Neutrality; Hello Competition | Jeffrey A. Tucker

In the short term, the shift by the FCC does not mean the immediate emergence of a free marketplace for Internet service. But it is a step. If we let this experiment in liberalization run a few years, we will see massive new entrants into the sector. As with every good or service provided by market�…


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