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$152.79 for a 2 year old for a shitty…

2.79 for a 2 year old for a shitty...

$152.79 for a 2 year old for a shitty Bronze EPO (not even a PPO) plan, with a $4800 deductible, and a $6550 out of pocket maximum.

I get to spend at least $1,833.48 on premiums every year, even If I don’t use the insurance, and up to $8,383.48 each year, before the Insurance picks up the rest.

I used to spend $60 a month ($720 annually) for myself, a much more liable 32 year old, with a $4500 out of pocket maximum, and considered “that” to be expensive. ?

This is so ridiculous.

It’s really unfortunate that Obamacare doesn’t cover its supporters’ retardedness.


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