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28.1% of adults in the UK are obese; 16.9%…

28.1% of adults in the UK are obese; 16.9%...

28.1% of adults in the UK are obese; 16.9% smoke.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. ?

“The NHS has recently released treatment guidelines stating that patients who are obese or who smoke will be banned from receiving “non-urgent” surgeries unless they first lose weight or quit smoking.”

That’s right, no knee replacement surgery until after you hit that treadmill.

“As a government-run healthcare system, the NHS faces a squeeze on resources from all fronts. First, the demand for healthcare in the U.K. is increasing due to an aging population and an increase in long-term medical conditions. Next, funding for large, state-run social programs like healthcare continue to shrink. Finally, the rate of primary-care physicians entering the system has not kept pace with demand, thus reducing patients’ access to first-line medical providers.”

UK’s National Health Service Moves to Cut Healthcare for Smokers and the Obese

A core tenant of the pledge taken by all physicians is their promise first and foremost to do no harm. A physician’s vow to care for patients in a manner which does not cause physical, mental, or emotional harm has guided treatment decisions since the days of Hippocrates.


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