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Blue Shield PPO with a $4800 deductible is now…

Blue Shield PPO with a 00 deductible is now...

Blue Shield PPO with a $4800 deductible is now up to $192.64 a month for a 2 year old.

Kids this young are at low risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, pregnancy, medication, and the rest of the “high cost” ailments; they are more at risk for broken bones or low risk surgeries like appendicitis, which come with much lower price tags and should fetch a much lower premium.

Of course, somebody has to subsidize fat lazy adults who are allergic to treadmills, can’t be bothered to put down that hamburger, prefer to pop pills over changing their lifestyle, didn’t bother to save their income over the years when they engaged in mindless consumerism, decided to have kids they couldn’t afford, and were dumb enough to attach their healthcare to their employer, creating for themselves a preexisting condition when they were inevitably fired.

Might as well extort a 2 year old.


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