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Bitcoin passed $6500

Bitcoin passed 00

Bitcoin passed $6500 ..

A serious post for a change.

I started buying Bitcoin in early 2014. I don’t consider myself a trader or a speculator like most Bitcoin participants, but an investor. I’m not in Bitcoin to make money. I’m in Bitcoin to buy up the glut, i.e. the excess supply, and to provide market stability for a world view that I want to encourage.

I see extreme long term multi-decade potential, so I buy and hold. I never sell.

Bitcoin had made a high of $1,000 in late 2013 when its last bubble popped and it began its long multi-year decline down to $200 in 2015. During this time everyone had written it off.

In a sense I did as well, but it wasn’t an idea I wanted to die.

So I did what any irresponsible romantic would have done and threw money that I didn’t care for, and had written off in my head, at it.

I first started buying Bitcoin each month at around the $600 price point. I kept buying Bitcoin each month for another two years all the way down to $200. I still buy Bitcoin each month even though I’m not happy with the price I’m paying and would gladly pay less.

In hindsight, I should have had more faith and bought more with greater conviction.

But the idea continues to live, grow, and thrive, and that’s all that matters to me.

Bitcoin is freedom and freedom is the future.


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