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Uranium One, back with a vengeance

Uranium One, back with a vengeance

Uranium One, back with a vengeance ..

“The Obama administration signed a controversial nuclear deal with Moscow despite prior FBI findings that Russian officials were bribing their way into the U.S. atomic energy industry, according to government documents just published by The Hill.”

“A confidential U.S. witness deployed by the FBI infiltrated Russia’s nuclear industry and made secret recordings, collected financial records and intercepted emails dating back to 2009 that showed that Moscow engaged in bribery and kickbacks with an American uranium trucking company, documents show.”

That sounds like evidence ..

“But the Obama administration insisted no evidence existed of Russian interference and that there were no national security concerns for committee members to go against the deal in 2010.”

“The deal that boosted Vladimir Putin’s nuclear footprint in the U.S. took place in October 2010 when the State Department and the Committee on Foreign Investment unanimously agreed to a partial sale of Uranium One, a Canadian mining company, to the major Russian nuclear company Rosatom, effectively sending more than 20 percent of the U.S.’s uranium to Moscow.”

“Then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, who was appointed by Obama and now works as President Donald Trump’s deputy attorney general, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who serves as deputy FBI director under Trump, supervised the investigation, documents show.”

“FBI agents also gathered documents and a witness account that Russian officials routed millions of dollars to ex-President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat on a committee that gave a nod to the dealings with Moscow.”

“Like the Obama administration, the Clintons said there was no evidence to prompt them to go the other way on the Uranium One deal.”

FBI kept a Russian bribery plot under wraps before the Obama administration approved a nuclear deal with Moscow

Instead of bringing immediate charges, the Department of Justice investigated the Russian plot for nearly four years


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