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Proceed to $15 minimum wage at your own peril…

Proceed to  minimum wage at your own peril...

Proceed to $15 minimum wage at your own peril ..

“The numbers of hours worked by low-wage workers fell by *3.5 million hours per quarter*. This was reflected both in thousands of job losses and reductions in hours worked by those who retained their jobs.”

“On average, low-wage workers *lost* $125 per month.”

“This is the official study that was commissioned several years ago by the city of Seattle to study the impacts of raising the minimum wage.”

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Has Been a Disaster, as the City’s Own Study Confirms | Alex Tabarrok

Seattle city government is out with a new NBER paper evaluating Seattleā€™s minimum wage increase to $13 an hour and it finds significant disemployment effects that on net reduce the incomes of minimum wage workers.


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