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“Cut your hair and get a job ..”

"Cut your hair and get a job .."

“Cut your hair and get a job ..”

UNLOCKED – “Cultural Appropriation”
Hugo The Poet

Hugo The Poet

“UNLOCKED” – shaving my head after 18 years of “cultural appropriation”

Witness the mutation from egregious hippie to heinous Alt-Right looking doofus in the space of about 4 minutes.

**Click the ‘Settings’ cog to activate captions**

Yes, good folk, after a good 18 years of hair raising, the time came to chop my “culturally inappropriate” locks off. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter, delivered as it happened.

Haircut by Beee Mallia
Video shot and cut by Flo
Beat laid in the cut by Wombat Beatz
Song chopped and mastered by Frank Pearce at Studio Squid

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