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“Only mother nature, or water privatization can solve this…

“Only mother nature, or water privatization can solve this problem.”

Mother nature solved the problem, for now .. It’s pretty funny when mother nature comes through before politicians and governments do ..

6 Years Ago

“The Orange County city used a rate structure that charged customers who used small amounts of water a lower rate than customers who used larger amounts.”

“But the 4th District Court of Appeal struck down San Juan Capistrano’s fee plan, saying it violated voter-approved Proposition 218, which prohibits government agencies from charging more for a service than it costs to provide it.”

Which begs the question. How can such a scarce resource be so cheap to provide.

“Penalties aside, the court said that tiered water rates are legal as long as the government agency can show that each rate is tied to the cost of providing the water.”

Oh right, because government water doesn’t obey the laws of supply and demand and maintains a magically low cost of providing water.

“San Jose Water Company, which provides water to 1 million people, has tiered rates, but as a private company is not affected by Proposition 218.”

Hmmm, private company … Exactly.

A government can’t take away free services. It can only hand them out. Politicians want to keep their jobs. Private companies can’t be voted out of office.

Only mother nature, or water privatization can solve this problem.

California drought: Court rules tiered water rates violate state constitution


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