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“”They won’t vote even on ISIS, where they had…

""They won't vote even on ISIS, where they had...

“”They won’t vote even on ISIS, where they had near-unanimity as wanting to do something. They wouldn’t even take a vote on that,” [Rand Paul] said. “The constitution is, for all the debate we had over Supreme Court justices and fidelity to the constitution, virtually no one cares about the constitution when it comes to war.””

“When asked what could change for this to take place, [Rand Paul] simply responded “different colleagues.””

Rand Paul warns Trump of ‘unintended consequences’ over toppling Assad regime

Sen. Rand Paul continued to voice his displeasure Friday after President Trump ordered airstrikes against Syria Thursday night in response to President Bashar Assad’s usage of chemical weapons against his own civilians, warning of unintended consequences. The Kentucky Republican told reporters in th…


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