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A welcome departure away from Obama’s and Hillary’s “Assad…

A welcome departure away from Obama's and Hillary's "Assad...

A welcome departure away from Obama’s and Hillary’s “Assad Must Go” policy that tore Syria apart ..

“I think the longer term status of President Assad will be decided by the Syrian people,” said Tillerson at a joint conference with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevut Cavusoglu on Thursday, AFP reported.”

“Under President Barack Obama, the United States made Assad’s departure one of its key objectives. The Syrian armed opposition also insisted upon the longtime leader’s resignation as one of the conditions during the Astana peace talks.”

Assad’s fate ‘to be decided by Syrian people,’ says Tillerson

At a news conference in the Turkish capital, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared to suggest the end of Bashar Assad’s presidency was no longer a prerequisite for a way out of the Syrian crisis, in a U-turn from Washington’s long-held policy.


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