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Now that International Women’s Day is behind us, I’d…

Now that International Women's Day is behind us, I'd...

Now that International Women’s Day is behind us, I’d like to remind all the single women out there that government entitlement programs to take care of those in need (which we all love) require future tax payers .. It’s time to give up on “Mr. Right” and settle for “Mr. Right Now” ..

“Many of our entitlement programs were created based on the assumption that we would always have an expanding population, as represented by a population pyramid. …however, we’ve seen major changes in demographic trends, including longer lifespans and falling birthrates. The combination of these two factors means that our population pyramid is slowly, but surely, turning into a population cylinder. …this looming shift in America’s population profile means massive amounts of red ink as the baby boom generation moves into full retirement.”

“Simply stated, we’re going to have too many people collecting benefits and too few people generating income.”

“They act as if higher tax burdens can solve the problem, even though that probably means even more people will be discouraged from productive lives and instead decide to ride in the wagon of government dependency.”

“Another potential answer is sex. To be more specific, governments around the world are urging people to procreate more so that there will be additional future taxpayers to finance the welfare state.”

“In 2015, Spain’s death rate outstripped the birth rate… Edelmira Barreira Diz was appointed as “commissioner for the demographic challenge””

“[In Italy] the Health Ministry recently launched an ad campaign to remind people of Sept. 22 being “fertility day.” …another ad claiming that fertility was “a common good””

“In Denmark, for instance, schoolchildren are now taught in class that they should have more babies. “…we just thought, maybe we should actually also tell them about how to get pregnant,” Marianne Lomholt, national director of Sex and Society.”

“Shigeru Ishiba, minister in charge of overcoming population decline and reviving local economies, was more blunt. “Japan will die off” without proper countermeasures.”

“China is considering introducing birth rewards and subsidies to encourage people to have a second child.”

Can Having More Babies Save the Welfare State? | Daniel J. Mitchell

In the absence of genuine entitlement reform, America will have a Greek-style fiscal mess at some point in the future. Since politicians lack the courage to address the issue head on, they’re trying to subsidize baby-making instead.


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