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Political prisoners who actively opposed Assad’s regime to an…

Political prisoners who actively opposed Assad's regime to an...

Political prisoners who actively opposed Assad’s regime to an approximate total of 13,000 were brutally murdered according to Amnesty International ..

Yes, Assad is a brutal authoritarian .. Everyone knows .. I’m sure that he too is arguing that his end justifies his means ..

This atrocity took place in a conflict where 470,000 total Syrians have died according to Syrian Centre for Policy Research, 7.6 million Syrians were internally displaced according to UNHCR, and 4.8 million Syrians have become international refugees according to NRC Handelsblad ..

The great majority of whom had absolutely no role in a conflict started by “moderate rebels” and found themselves caught up in their violent uprising ..

Your beloved former president, Barack Obama, and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, who incidentally you all still long for, fanned the flames of insurrection, armed and funded the different jihadist rebel groups, deliberately allowed ISIS to grow, and you all still continue to venerate them as patron saints ..

They cried havoc and let slip the dogs of war while you showered them with affection and suddenly you’re all outraged ..

Spare me ..

Syria: 13,000 secretly hanged in Saydnaya military prison – shocking new report

‘Cold-blooded killing of thousands of defenceless prisoners’ revealed


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