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I encourage decentralization and nullification .. With Trump running…

I encourage decentralization and nullification .. With Trump running...

I encourage decentralization and nullification .. With Trump running the show, perhaps California will now learn to love the 2nd and 10th amendments ..

“Should California wish to ignore federal laws, the federal government can and should withhold federal spending from California. The sooner states get used to making do with less federal money, the better. Indeed, federal spending is critical in expanding centralized federal power. If federal spending loses its importance as a source of funding for state governments, the US will become increasingly decentralized.”

“This sort of state independence cuts both ways, however. If California establishes — yet again — that states can ignore and even inhibit federal arrests and prosecutions in the states, then it becomes all the easier for other states to refuse to enforce federal gun laws, federal drug laws, Obamacare, or federal mandates that states provide welfare programs and “free” taxpayer-funded services to non-citizens.”

“The down side to this, of course, is that many productive Americans will be left holding the bag of funding California’s many grandiose welfare schemes for immigrants and others. This, however, is preferable to all Americans being on the hook for the same. And, it’s hard to see why the California tail should wag the American dog. If California wishes to expand a welfare state on its own, or set its own immigration priorities, let Californians pay for it.”

[ California pays more in federal taxes than it receives, so at current federal tax rates, and current level of government spending, it would be a cost savings ..

This of course does not take into account financial crises when California begs the Federal government for bailout money and Arnold hands out IOUs .. With an economy dependent on tech (wall street) and real estate, both of which go south pretty quickly, and without our own printing press, we’re not as financially independent of the federal government as we want to believe ..

If another financial crisis hits, Trump might threaten to cut off federal funds instead .. Then we’ll find out if Jerry Brown’s IOUs are any better than Arnold’s IOUs were ..

But I digress ]

“So, let’s make every state a sanctuary from federal gun laws, federal immigration law, federal drug laws, federal election laws, and more.”

Make Every State a Sanctuary State

CBS reports that “California may prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, creating a border-to-border sanctuary in the nation’s largest s


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