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For only a small bitcoin donation of your choosing…

For only a small bitcoin donation of your choosing, you too can download the PHP malware that the Russians “allegedly” used to hack the DNC servers ..

Don’t worry, you won’t get caught .. Your government will blame any hacks you attempt using this malware on Putin ..
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“Made in Ukraine” ..

Because I’m supposed to believe that the best the Russian cyber espionage team can do is to use open source off the shelf freely available malware available to every script kid wannabe hacker that occasionally visits 4chan ..

Oh what was that? You don’t want to pay a bitcoin donation? You don’t know what bitcoin is? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered .. You can download the PAS malware source directly from GitHub for free .. Shits and giggles for everyone ..

If Obama’s allegation really is true, that Putin hacked the DNC, then neither the United States nor Russia have any cyber warfare capabilities ..

* disclaimer .. don’t actually download the malware .. don’t be an idiot ..


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