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They even have health insurance for cats and dogs…

They even have health insurance for cats and dogs...

They even have health insurance for cats and dogs .. With a decent deductible of $250-$500, it comes out to around $20-$40 per month, and reimburses cancer treatment, injuries, etc. ..

That’s certainly cheaper than Obamacare with its $300 per month premium, it’s $4500 deductible, and $6350 out of pocket maximum ..

It’s pretty funny when cats get better and more affordable health care than humans do from a system designed by humans ..

“I’m posting on this, partly to share my love for my cat, but mainly to point to the economic progress we have that allows us to buy medical care for cats. This was unheard of in my parents’ generation and probably not even heard of 20 years ago.”

“Indeed, if it hadn’t been for the medical progress that allows doctors to give chemotherapy to humans, there would likely be no chemo for cats. That is the story of progress. Think of the cell phone. The first people who benefit from it are the richest and they think of it as a luxury. Then the middle class. Then the poor. And the next step – we’re already there with cell phones – is that even most of the poor, at least in the United States, start to think of it as a necessity.”

“And now there’s a new twist, at least with chemo: the next beneficiaries in line are the cats of relatively wealthy families like us. But the prices are such that even middle-class families can now afford it.”

Capitalism Has Given Us Chemo for Cats | David R. Henderson

Earlier this month, we found out that our favorite cat, Joey, has small cell lymphoma. That’s the bad news. The good news is that they now have chemotherapy for cats. We inject a pill 3 times a week. All things considered, the pills are not expensive. The very existence of chemo for cats is due to b…


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