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“Fidel Castro is dead!” – Donald Trump

"Fidel Castro is dead!" - Donald Trump

“Fidel Castro is dead!” – Donald Trump

I would have put a few more exclamation points behind such a muted statement ..

“A study by the State Department’s Hugo Llorens and Kirby Smith show, for example, that in infant mortality, literacy rates, per capita food consumption, passenger cars per capita, number of telephones, radios, televisions, and many other indicators, Cuba led when Castro took over on New Year’s Eve 1958.”

“The United Nations statistics leave no doubt. In infant mortality, Cuba’s 32 deaths per 1,000 live births was well ahead of Japan, West Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain (40, 36, 39, 33, 34, 50, and 53 respectively) and many others.”

“In food consumption, in terms of calories per day, Cuba was ahead of all of Latin America except cattle-rich Argentina and Uruguay. In automobiles per 1,000 inhabitants, Cuba’s 24 was ahead over everyone in Latin America expect oil-producing Venezuela (27).”

“As for literacy rates, Cuba’s 76 percent in the late 1950s put it closely behind only Argentina, Chile, and Costa Rica. Giant Brazil’s percentage, by comparison, was 49 percent.”

“And Cuba’s GDP per capita in 1959 was higher than those of Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and most of Latin America, Asia. and Africa, again according to U.N.statistics.”

“In most vital statistics, therefore, Cuba was on a par with Mediterranean countries and southern U.S. states.”

“And today? Castro’s communism has not just left Cubans economically pauperized, but politically bereft, a situation that Obama’s unilateral concessions to Castro’s little brother, the 85-year-old Raul, Cuba’s present leader, has only made worse.”

“According to the Cuban Committee for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, which is recognized by Amnesty and Freedom House, so far this year there have already been over 8,505 political arrests during the first eight months. This represents the highest rate of political arrests in decades.”

“Meanwhile, we are in the midst of a new Cuban migration crisis. The United States is faced with the largest migration of Cuban nationals since the rafters of 1994. The number of Cubans fleeing to the United States in 2015 was nearly twice that of 2014.”

“Some 51,000 Cubans last year entered the United States and this year’s figures will easily surpass that. The numbers of Cuban nationals fleeing Cuba have now quintupled since Obama took office, when it was less than 7,000 annually.”

The Left’s Appalling Whitewashing of Castro’s Legacy

Castro destroyed a thriving society.


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