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A couple of weeks ago, Turkish warplanes bombed YPG/SDF…

A couple of weeks ago, Turkish warplanes bombed YPG/SDF...

A couple of weeks ago, Turkish warplanes bombed YPG/SDF forces killing 200 Kurds while claiming that they invaded Syria to take out ISIS against whom they’ve made little progress. Turkey was supposed to liberate Al-Bab from ISIS.

This anti SDF/YPG bombing by Turkey went on for about a week until Russian and Syrian warplanes retaliated by bombing Turkish supported FSA rebels and stopped the Turkish advance in its tracks.

The SDF is a multi ethnic, multi religious, non Islamist, secular coalition.

The SAA, The Syrian Arab Army, i.e. Assad’s forces, have now given the SDF approval to capture Al-Bab from ISIS and will be providing air support for their advance.

So now we have Russia supporting Assad, a secular nationalist, who supports the SDF, a secular multi ethnic, multi religious coalition while The US and Hillary support Turkey and Saudi Arabia/Qatar, which support the Islamist/Salafist/Wahhabist FSA rebel groups.

It’s getting less complicated by the day to see what the desirable outcome here is.



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