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Libertarianism vs. Alt-Right

Libertarianism vs. Alt-Right

Libertarianism vs. Alt-Right

“Yes Milo, libertarians want people to be able to “do whatever they want” within the bounds of respecting individual and property rights. A gay couple should be able to engage in a voluntary relationship and contract without religious persecution. A retired veteran with PTSD should be able to smoke marijuana in his own back yard without fear of the DEA kicking down his door.”

“The government should have little to no authority to dictate what somebody does with their own person or property. Isn’t that why the Brexit referendum to leave the EU was successful?”

“Freedom is not only essential to the good life, it is the institutional condition that built civilization as we know it. Everything else that Milo and others of his bent appreciate about the world relies on this condition. It is cavalier, to say the least, to dismiss as a childish luxury the thing that it took so many hundreds of years to develop, understand, and secure.”

To the Talented Mr. Milo: Sorry Darling, Freedom Is Fabulous | T.J. Brown

Recently my conservative friend Milo Yiannopoulos was featured in an interview on You might wonder why this notorious lefty magazine would be interested in the view of the most notorious right-wing commentator of the present season. The answer might have something to do with a certain…


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