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I upgraded out under sink filtration system to a…

I upgraded out under sink filtration system to a reverse osmosis tank based one recently. But the reverse osmosis systems put out brine water; clean but not drinkable and a terrible waste down the drain.

So at Rushna’s suggestion, I bought a 50 gallon rain barrel so that I can keep the brine water for gardening purposes. But of course with city water pressure running at 80 psi and the rain barrel having none I knew it was time to get creative.

I went to harbor freight and bought a cheap $30 12v DC water pump with garden hose connectors.

I didn’t want to deal with AC and I have these 18v ryobi batteries that I use for all my tools. They’re versatile and useful in other areas. I’m already using two of them in series to run my crappy old 24v sealed lead acid lawnmower at 36v; more power. I decided I’d use one of them for the water pump.

I also wanted to have a remote on / off switch so I found this cheap 12v car alarm relay that will let me turn the water pump on and off from distance in the garden.

While the water pump will run at 18v, albeit it very fast, I was nervous that the 12v car alarm relay would be more sensitive to higher voltage, so I also got this cheap 12v voltage regulator.

I haven’t had a fun exciting electronics project in a while so I hope it all works out and doesn’t blow up in my face.



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