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The more laws you want, the more regulations you…

The more laws you want, the more regulations you want, the more government you want, the more you will need police officers for enforcement. Laws need enforcing. It’s not complicated.

There is absolutely no reason why the police should be involved in non violent offenses; traffic violations, drug possessions, prostitution, selling of goods without a valid permit, enforcement of gun laws, etc.

Police should only be involved in violent crimes, theft, assault, battery, rape, murder, etc., or when called by a citizen.

You’ve given them absolute power over just about every aspect of your lives and you wonder why they act like they own you?

We need less laws and less regulations.

You can not retrain authoritarians to be humble. You’re living in a fairy tale if that is what you think.

You have a better chance of getting Hillary Clinton to admit that she’s a criminal.


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