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Florida has 1,570,892 concealed carry permits

Florida has 1,570,892 concealed carry permits.
California has 70,593 concealed carry permits.

California only has 4% of the concealed carry permits of Florida.

The rate of Gun murders in both states is 3.4 per 100,000 inhabitants. No difference.

Both states had mass shootings in Gun Free zones. Obviously concealed carrying a weapon for defense is useless if you’re disarmed by security.

Police with guns weren’t able to prevent the deaths at these mass shootings and for the most part feared for their own safety; it’s a difficult job, they say. They knew this when they signed up for it, but OK.

Police killed 1111 suspects, i.e. innocent until proven guilty, in 2014, 1207 in 2015, and 523 in 2016 as of today.

Police, who regularly demonstrate authority, brutality, ineffectiveness, etc., are the ones we trust with guns and the millions of citizens who currently carry in a concealed manner without our knowledge are the ones we fear.

Florida is able to issue 1.5 million concealed carry permits and we’re not seeing a corresponding 1.5 million mass shootings nor a normal gun murder rate deviation between a pro gun state like Florida, and an anti gun state like California.

Why is there this emotionally unreasonable fear that if citizens started to carry weapons, there would be more mass shootings? The numbers don’t show this.

More background checks require more databases, more government oversight, more FBI, more cops, more intrusion on rights, and so forth.

Trump will be the president in charge of those databases.

Trump loves databases.

Trump will find a way to use the databases that you wanted implemented against you.

That I can tell you.


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