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Food is a human necessity without access to which…

Food is a human necessity without access to which...

Food is a human necessity without access to which humans will certainly die and is arguably more important than health care. Without health care we might lose an arm or a leg, but without food, we will die within weeks.

In the 21st century it is unimaginable, unthinkable, and un-understandable that we still don’t have a government managed universal food production and distribution system.

It is too dangerous to leave something as important as food production and distribution to the millionaires and billionaires and in the hands of for profit corporations who immorally and unethically seek to exploit hungry Americans.

The government should immediately nationalize the means of all food production and distribution to ensure fair access at affordable prices for all Americans. I am shocked that Obama hasn’t done this yet.

On June 7th, please join me in voting in the primary for Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination.

Socialism is the only humane and ethical system.

It is time that we join the 30.41 million citizens of Venezuela in the 21st century.

Without government, who will feed the people?

“It was around noon when a food truck rolled up to a Venezuelan state-subsidized supermarket in the town of Guarenas just east of the capital.”

“But, to the fury of the long line of people waiting out front, the cargo wasn’t unloaded. Instead soldiers took it away.”

“”What the people want is food. There hasn’t been looting, but we are closing the streets to protest,” she said.”

“Many frustrated Venezuelans blame the government for the hardship they are enduring.”

“She had been in the street protesting, but had to take a break to line up and wait to buy bread.”

“A man in line yells out sardonically that “the socialist bread is coming,” provoking a ripple of comments and grumbles from others in the long bread line.”

‘We want food!’: Venezuela crisis deepens

Under the state of emergency imposed by President Nicolas Maduro, the military, along with government-organized civilian committees, ensures that food packets are delivered door-to-door in order to — as officials say — cut out black market operators. .


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