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Oh ho ho, Donald Trump, the gift that keeps…

Oh ho ho, Donald Trump, the gift that keeps...

Oh ho ho, Donald Trump, the gift that keeps on giving ..

So now that Trump is whipping Jeb; H.W. feels like he needs to bail his son out by blaming the W. mess on Rumsfeld and Cheney.

You see, it wasn’t W. that fucked up the middle east, it was Cheney and Rumsfeld, so you can trust the Bush last name: vote for Jeb! 2016.

Finally! the Bush last name is imploding. 🙂

Although, it would be great if H.W. could hold his son W. responsible for being taken over by Rumsfeld, Cheney – that’s what you’ll get with Jeb! too; weak leadership.

Elder Bush rips Rumsfeld, Cheney in new biography

George H.W. Bush said Dick Cheney asserted too much “hard-line” influence within George W. Bush’s White House and said Donald Rumsfeld was an “arrogant fellow” who “served the president badly.”


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