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If we consider for a moment that the Iraq…

If we consider for a moment that the Iraq War destabilized the middle east and set into motion the current refugee crisis, I have a pretty straightforward and fair solution to the refugee dilemma.

Basically, nations will need to take in refugees proportional to the number of troops they dedicated to destroying Iraq in the first place.

So for example, USA which dedicated 165,000 soldiers to the destruction of Iraq now gets to take in 165,000 refugees.

The UK gets 46,000 refugees for the 46,000 soldiers that helped to destroy Iraq and destabilized the middle east.

Australia gets 2,000 for their 2,000 soldiers, and so forth.

Ironically, Germany gets 0 refugees since Germany didn’t actually participate in the destruction of Iraq.

George W. Bush has to house at least 1 refugee at his Texas ranch.

[ Update: since the number of refugees is so vast in scale, multiply each number by 10. So 1,650,000 refugees for USA, 460,000 for UK, 20,000 for Australia, Bush gets 10, etc. ]

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Norway contributed with ARTHUR counter-battery radar systems, which pointed out 1500 bombing targets during”[11] the first days of the war. (The British minister of defence, Geoff Hoon, thanked Norway for its “robust”[11] contribution.)–_Iraq#Troop_deployment_in_Iraq_2003-2011


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