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“The city agreed to end “stop and identify” arrests…

"The city agreed to end "stop and identify" arrests...

“The city agreed to end “stop and identify” arrests and paid a $30,000 settlement to the brothers after an ACLU complaint, according to the civil liberties group and the two brothers.”

$30,000? That’s it? That settlement should have been at least $1 million.

BTW, California doesn’t actually have stop and identify laws; so I’m not sure why the police departments in California are using that policy to begin with — someone should arrest the cops for breaking the law 😀

Stop and identify statutes – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Stop and identify” statutes are statute laws in the United States that authorize police[1] to legally obtain the identification of someone whom they reasonably suspect has committed a crime. If the person is not reasonably suspected of committing a crime, they are not required to provide identifica…


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