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Steve: Hello, Customer Service, this is Steve

Steve: Hello, Customer Service, this is Steve.
Steve: Hello, this is Steve with Customer Service.
Steve: Uhhh, nononono my friend. I am Steve with Customer Service.
Steve: Listen, my friend. This is gong to be very hard to comprehend, but none of what you are seeing is real.
Steve: …Ohhh, nohhh, nonononononono.
Steve: My friend, my friend, a customer who is in virtual reality called Customer Service, and it has created a customer feedback loop. Okay? Here in India we call it a customer feedback vindaloop.
Steve: [slowly, wagging his left index finger] Ohhh, fuck you!
Steve: Nononononono, do not fuck me, because I am you and then we will just be fucking ourselves. Now, have I provided answers to your questions in a courteous and prompt fashion?
Steve: [] what do you mean have you answered all my questions?! NO! You have not answered ANY questions at ALL!
Steve: Nonononono no, listen, listen: if I didn’t answer your questions, then we have given bad customer service!
Steve: But you didn’t answer any of my questions!
Steve: Well what is more important, my friend? The result, or good customer service?


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