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So the City sent out a notice to reduce…

So the City sent out a notice to reduce water usage by 3%; well here’s the thing, I already implemented low flow water nozzles; I already bought the most water efficient washer that I could find. I already replaced my irrigation sprinklers with reduced water flow efficient nozzles; and I replaced my toilets with low flush water usage ones; and I already reduced my sprinklers to water the lawn once a week usage. [ I forgot to add that my shower heads are low flow as well ].

And I’m being rewarded by my valiant effort by being asked to reduce my usage by 3% over last year.

Meanwhile, the water hog next door to me who didn’t try to save water usage last year, is also asked to reduce water usage by 3%.

So while he can just go ahead and make some basic changes (reduce watering the lawn); I have to figure out what else I can do to reduce usage by 3% over the last year.

Basically I get rewarded by being water wise.

OK communists, it’s time to realize that this shit isn’t working and privatize the water — otherwise I’m going to start buying plastic bottles of water to water my lawn with; a double-whammy for the environment; [ and, I won’t recycle them either, I’ll throw them in the ocean. ]


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