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If you support government or “the state” by means…

If you support government or “the state” by means...

If you support government or “the state” by means of [but not limited to]
• Nationalism
• Flag Waving
• Joining the Military
• Helping the Military via translation services, training, etc. [you know who you are]
• Paying Taxes
• Working for the Government
• Voting for Taxes
• Voting for War
• etc.

Then you support the following [but not limited to]
• Genocide
• Murder
• Rape
• Deportation
• Massacre
• Population Transfer
• etc.

Governments have been in the business of genocide since long before Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed (or Israel for that matter) had something to say about it (though religion didn’t really help the situation):
[ ]

“The State” is the single largest man-made destroyer of human life in the history of mankind:
[ ]

And you are not exempt:
[ ]

The number of deaths governments are responsible significantly outweigh the number of lives they affect positively with stupid shit like government health care [particularly when private alternatives are/were available].

If you support “The Government”, you have relinquished any right to complain about “A Government” committing atrocities.

If you support “Freedom” then you must first accept that “Freedom” is “Freedom from Government”.

Until then, I hope you all make peace with the fact that you’re responsible for all deaths your Government commits on your behalf during the years that you’ve been supporting it.

But, please continue your outrage.

A Brief History of Ethnic Cleansing | Foreign Affairs



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