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Yea its gone

Yea its gone ..

I walked down to the local 7-Eleven to pick up a 4-pack of Red Bull today .. Strolled down to this really quiet outdoor trail, and started cracking one after another open ..

By the time I was on my 4th can, my mind disassociated itself with my body lol .. It was wicked cool .. My mind was extremely sharp and my body didnt exist .. Quickly, all the sights and sounds of the world simply came to me to reveal themselves and I was able to grasp every grass stalk and every insect ..

An ant walked past me, and I squeezed it to death. When I looked at it, I felt really sad for the ant which I had killed. Have you ever killed a living being and given it enough consideration to think about its death?

I’m sorry ant ..
If I had thought about the possibility of your death ahead of time, I wouldn’t have killed you like the moron I am …

Gone Away … Gone Away … Gone Away …

I’m homesick …


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