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When I express myself openly I am advised to…

When I express myself openly I am advised to be more tactful. When I keep my mouth shut, I’m considered to be suspicious. I’m expected to be responsible for my lack of sensitivity, but I’m not allowed to hold others responsible for their hyper sensitivity. I think that’s just retarded but then again, I’m tactless and insensitive.

In my experience, when I open my mouth, I tend to upset people who aren’t sure if they should take me seriously, if I’m just fucking with them, if I’m just trolling them, if I’m just being negative, or if I’m actually being serious. I tend to find that nothing good comes from this other than a perpetual annoyance.

When I was younger I found this annoyance hilarious; it was OK because everyone was young and ignorant, so ignorance was no big deal. The ignorance that others felt was entertaining to me and I did sadistically enjoy arguing on the internet and watching people flame out. Yes people felt that I was inciting them tactlessly.

As I’m getting older, I find it frustrating that people of my age and much older are ignorantly continuing to cloud their lives with a variety of metaphoric veils. At this point, it is I that is incited to annoyance because I find it ridiculous that people of a certain age hide themselves behind their castle walls and emotionally react to benign suggestions; that is frustrating, because we are all professional adults, are we not?

Apparently not, so I keep my mouth shut and let myself be considered suspicious — because I’m too tired to deal with people; it’s better than being tactlessly driven to frustration.

And so, insisting that I interact, is a dangerous thing indeed and is something many are not prepared for.


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