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When we first meet, you will believe me to…

When we first meet, you will believe me to be like you. You will poke and prod and will find a seemingly malleable core. You will initially feel empowered and emboldened, but will quickly become uneasy and will demand greater definition; that is your mistake. You see, it is to protect you from my underlying current that I suppress my true form. The depth of introspection that I’ve applied to you within our first encounter many times is more than you’ll apply to yourself within your lifetime. Do you understand? I am the destroyer of evil, and with it, vessels in which it finds safety. I try hard to temper my impulsive desire to grow you how you don’t yet realize you want to grow. When you see me a melancholy clown, realize it is for you, not for a lack of conviction; so do not encourage my true form. -W


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