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I’m sitting out quietly

I’m sitting out quietly
On the front verandah
With the setting sun, the dusky pink orange
Feeling the love vibrating in every single particle of air
In the crickets hum, in the birdsong
In the rustle of breeze pulsing thru my veins,
My blood,
Changing my body structure
The golden sun sinking
The huge full moon rising
The last of the sunlight
Aching its way thru the pink fur on my window
Flooding the room blue tinge crimson
This oneness, this stillness, this union
Satiating my desire to package up the dusk.
The birdsong. The warm early fall nite
Wrap it up with the soft skin,
Tie it up with a strand of my salty hair
Seal it, send it to you.
In my belly butterflies
Effervescence, exploding out of my mouth
Fluid, liquid
I can feel it, laying on the sea
Spreading thru my body, washing thru me
As wave returns to ocean.
Return to the source.
Two entitites reconnected after a long time apart
Who recognize once again the Beauty in each other
And a new friend like a star
Is born.
Love melting thought
Everything is sacred
Being alone, being still
Making it possible to be together
Awaken, let it awaken
Nerve juice, blood juice, sex juice sweat equals
Life juice
On a nite like tonite
I cannot go there without love


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