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Andrewfrancisco6: how is it goin? i havent tlked 2…

Andrewfrancisco6: how is it goin? i havent tlked 2 youuu in awhile.. lol
W.: yea must have been a long time
Andrewfrancisco6: do u remember me?… we used 2 chat
W.: yea i think so
Andrewfrancisco6: so whats up?…
W.: not much
W.: how about you?
Andrewfrancisco6: not much i just got done takig a shower went to the gym today 🙂
W.: cool
W.: you still work at the same place?
Andrewfrancisco6: i gotta question do u Iike a girI with big t***? or do u prefer a girI with a fat a**..
W.: a little bit of both
Andrewfrancisco6: ok! weII i got aIot of both wanna see? im feeIing a IittIe naughty!
W.: sure what do you wanna show me?
Andrewfrancisco6: weII im gonna show u if its ok 😉
W.: yea that’s fine, nobody’s around
W.: i’m at work
W.: don’t wanna get fired
Andrewfrancisco6: im Ioading my cam now 🙂
W.: cool
W.: let me know if you have device drivers issues
W.: windows can be a bitch sometimes
Andrewfrancisco6: k.. cIick http://********** once it Ioads cIick the green “accept invite” button on the Ieft then fiII out ur info.. then we can make a private 1on1 chat to pIay 😉
W.: i clicked on it but i get a blank page
W.: i dont see a green button
Andrewfrancisco6: don’t be shy its 100% free babe credit card is just to verify ur age.. gotta make sure u’re over 18 before we make a 1ON1 private room and get freak ;x
W.: i’m not shy
W.: i just dont see a green button
Andrewfrancisco6: u cumming? im reaIIy wet ;x
W.: no not yet
W.: i have’nt clicked the button yet
W.: the site is blank
W.: that you liked me to
Andrewfrancisco6: Iet me know when u’re in babe..
W.: well
W.: i need some help
W.: your link is broken
Andrewfrancisco6: k
W.: can you help me with this?
W.: i wanna see
Andrewfrancisco6: u in yet?
W.: *sigh*
W.: forget it
W.: i don’t wanna see anymore
W.: this is too much trouble for some pics


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